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SIRDAR S-900 and S-700 Mountain Bike Buying Guide

The Sirdar S-700 and S-900 are all-terrain mountain bikes that have received great ratings online. With its aluminium alloy frame and high carbon steel body, as well as ultra-durable suspension, you can expect a tight and smooth ride. The MTB has been transformed thanks to improved features and constant innovation.

When it comes to mountain bikes, getting a full aluminium alloy frame is most likely the best. However, there are a few more things to think about before deciding to get one yourself.


The weight and material of the bike should be considered. The lighter the bike, the easier it will be to handle. Aluminium alloy is likely the best combo in mountain bikes, and this model has it.


When it comes to buying a mountain bike, there are a lot of factors to consider, but two of the most significant ones are the fork function and tyre stiffness. The more effective the forks are, the more comfortable the ride will be.

Shifting and Braking:

Twist shifters are required on mountain bikes with several speeds for convenience and safety. Mountain bikes also require double disc brakes made of durable materials, as safe braking reduces the risk of an accident.


When purchasing anything, the most sensitive issue is the budget. This type of product is available in a variety of price levels. Bikes can cost as little as $400 or as much as $2500. You must evaluate the features and performance efficiency of the product to the price.

Overview of Sirdar S-900 Mountain Bike:

Customers have given the Sirdar S-900 mountain bike top ratings.

The Sirdar S-900 is an excellent choice for a beginner user as well as an expert, thanks to its high-quality aluminium alloy frame and high-carbon steel body. The Sirdar mountain bike is incredibly light thanks to its excellent design. As a result, the bike from Sirdar is light enough to carry throughout the state’s mountain ranges.

It features 27 gears, including front derailleurs and 9 to 3 unusual gears. As a result, shifting between gears is seamless, and you never have to slow down. Its construction alone provides the optimum performance. It has a two-disc brake system. As a result, the rider is guaranteed the safest ride possible. 2 replacement saddles, 1x mountain cross-country saddle, 1x broad soft saddle, appropriate for mountain routes and highways, providing comfort through customization.

The package includes all of the necessary attachments and is nearly 95% assembled. The model is not only safe, robust, comfortable, and effective, but it is also simple to use and requires little preparation.

Technical Details of S-900:

Type and Frame: Mountain bike, aluminium alloy body with high carbon steel parts
Number of Speeds: 27
Weight: Around 36 lbs. while shipped
Fork: High carbon steel front fork and a premium aluminium suspension fork, functions as excellent shock absorbers
Tires: Anti-skid and explosion-proof Kenda Tires
Front/ Rear Derailleur: 3 gears front derailleur and 9 gears derailleur
Brake: Dual disc brake
Pedals: 2 aluminium pedals
Saddle: 2 replaceable saddles; one 19.2×8.6in wide soft saddle and one 10.6×6.3in mountain cross country saddle. 
Shifter: Finger type shifter
Wheelset: 27.5×1.95in wide
Lights: 2; front and rear illuminating lights

Key features:

Aluminium alloy and high carbon steel frame: The bike’s frame is made entirely of aluminium alloy, as previously stated. The bike’s aluminium frame makes it lighter and more durable. Deformation is also prevented by the robust frame.

Body 27.5-inches: Apart from the frame, other significant body pieces made of high carbon steel are the handle bar, chains, and suspension fork. It has a stainless-steel pipe tube with a thicker wall thickness. These pipe tubes are tough and nearly impervious to damage, wear, and tear. It’s built solidly from the ground up. High carbon steel is one of the most favored materials among manufacturers since it gives the bike’s components toughness, sturdiness, and a long service life.

Excellent shock absorbing Forks: The bike features high-end high-carbon steel front fork and a premium aluminium suspension fork. The combination allows the rider to maintain seamless control of the motorcycle. The front fork may be adjusted. It is easy to view while riding on flat terrain such as highways, parks, and training grounds. On a bumpy journey, you can always unlock it for shock absorption. As a result, the forks on this bike are outstanding shock absorbers.

Gearing and Speeding: A 3-gear front derailleur and a 9-gear rear derailleur are included on the bike. It includes a finger-type shifter that allows the bike to achieve 27 gears of ultra-smooth shifting. This feature makes shifting gears more convenient than before. As a result, the advantages of owning a faultless speeding bike will bring worth to any professional venture.

Brakes (dual disc brake): As previously stated, Sirdar modified the bike with twin suspension disc brakes. The bike’s front and rear double disc brakes provide a powerful braking system while also performing smartly by preventing dust from entering the brakes. Furthermore, the disc brake’s efficacy makes your rides safer. Dual disc brakes outperform standard brakes and are an essential component for mountain bikes.

Anti-skid Tires: Two excellent mountain tyres are included with the Sirdar S-900 mountain bike. It comes with 27.5-inch wheels as well as anti-explosion and anti-skid tyres. The tread pattern is wear-resistant and has good anti-puncture properties. As a result, the manufacturer did not skimp on quality when creating the wheels. The dual disc brakes are complemented by this. Sirdar provides a fantastic product with these wheels and tyres.


  • Hassle-free assemble
  • Two replaceable multipurpose saddle, comfortable seat
  • Two front and rear illuminating lights
  • High-end components like alloy frame and high carbon steel body
  • Advanced dual disc brakes
  • Suitable for both male and female
  • Durable components like handle bar, forks, disc brakes, wheels and chain
  • Chain remains steady during gear shifting
  • Price justifies the quality 


  • Rider height needs to be over 5 feet 6 inches 


Overview of Sirdar S-700 Mountain Bike:

If you are someone who is tall or out of the ordinary, this bike may not be the answer for you. SIRDAR S-700 mountain bikes (aluminium alloy) are good choice for a reasonable price. Due to its dual disc brake and durable construction with appropriate materials, you will get a good value bike for low cost. It makes no difference whether you’re a boy or a girl because it’s a unisex bike that will assist your comfortable ride with its safe seat and comfortable saddle.

Technical features of S-700:

Bike: 27 Speed Mountain bike

Brand:  Sirdar

Wheel size: 29 inches

Frame material: aluminum

Key features:

Speed: 27 speed 3 rears front derailleur and 9 rears derailleur, finger-type shifter, easier to pedal for speed and acceleration. Uphill and downhill slopes are handled more easily, allowing for quicker speeds on flat highways.

Long-Lasting & Lightweight Bike: Aluminium alloy body (far lighter than steel) with rust-resistant high carbon steel sections gives more rolling momentum. The weight of 37.47 pounds is light enough for an adult to carry on his shoulder with one hand.

Excellent Performance: The 29″ tire is capable of handling steep terrains, and the gear shift is smooth and enjoyable. Perfect for mountain, wasteland, road, trail, city, beach, or snow, among other places.

Simple to Assemble: 95% of the bike has been completed, “Install Video” is in the linked Video at the bottom of the page, and you don’t have to pay extra to have it assembled at a bike shop.

Professional Client Service: Sirdar provides excellent customer service. We offer a one-year after-sales service during which we will present you with appropriate solutions to your difficulties and assist you in resolving them.


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